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Our Staff

A team including internal staff, contributors and experts, a Board of Directors and a Steering Committee.

Meet the team!


Find an expert to make a presentation for comment on recent  developments in our industry Agridées’ collaborators are reactive and used to responding to the media and to requests for presentations, aspecialists influent disciplines, authors of articles and publications, and permanently monitoring their topics.

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The think tank

As an independent and a non-political organization, with humanity and progress as its core values, Agridées is committed to flexible and empowering advances that enable stakeholders to express their talents and potentials, and thus to achieve the cross-cutting objective for agriculture and agribusiness to fulfill a strategic role.

Throughout the year, Agridées organizes events of various formats and working groups with a view to generating and disseminating ideas, proposals, and to raising questions surrounding essential changes in the agricultural industry as it enters the 21st century.

Our values

Our funding

One third of the Agridées think tank’s resources come from membership fees from individuals, companies organizations, and the payment of its services, the rest being covered by the income generated by the leases of the building it owns.

On December 13, 2017, the European think tank Observatory published the results of the “Think Tank & Transparent 2017” label, resulting from a study that was never done before in France and in Europe, where 53 organizations in France were identified and labeled, including Agridées.

Take part of the future !


Participating in our national and local activities:

(agridébats, agridays, working groups …) and local

 Exchanging ideas, debating, sharing expertise

Expressing feed back on actions of the think tank

Take responsibility in our network.


Communicating to the outside community: disseminating Agridées’s work.

Promoting our values, ideas and services

Attracting new diverse members to make us stronger

Making all partners understand the indispensable role we are playing in the 21th century!

Agridées in action

Participate in our brainstorming fora and put forward your ideas !

Agridays are days of reflections on a specific topic, including several round tables, testimonies and presentations.

Agridébats are regular events, in the morning or afternoon, on current topics and issues.

Created in  1989, the Club of Agridécideurs brings together leaders of cooperative and private companies in machinery and equipment, the food industry and netailers who have found Agridées to be appropriate independant framework for discussing the challenges facing all farm sectors. these monthly meetings are restricted to Agridées’s First Class partner companies.